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Book Signing for new Historic Leelanau Book

Historic Leelanau: Recognized Sites and Places of Historical Significance
By M. Christine Byron & Thomas R. Wilson
Leelanau Press. $20.00
Leelanau County has a rich and diverse history, with 42 public and privately-owned sites and places, recognized in the Michigan Register of Historic Sites and/or in the Federal Register of Historic Places. These significant sites include maritime, logging and lumbering industries, farming and orchards, transportation, religion, education, resorts and cottages, and local businesses. Native Americans and immigrants contributed to the development and growth of the county. Both residents and visitors alike will come to appreciate their sacrifices required during the early years of life in the county. Tourism, now a major economic force, is enriched by the recognition of these historic sites. Learn the stories behind places you have driven by and wondered about.

Authors M. Christine Byron and Thomas R. Wilson have captured the essence and contributions of each of these places, enhanced with descriptive text, and old and new photographs. They have previously demonstrated their love of Leelanau County and northern Michigan through their “Vintage Views” series. They introduce us to familiar and unfamiliar sites and further the depth of our knowledge and understanding of the stories inherent in these places.

This book is a joint effort of the Leelanau County Historic Preservation Society and Leelanau Press with the goal to increase the knowledge of our county’s historic treasures. It is hoped that it will promote cultural tourism and encourage more owners of existing places of historical significance to pursue and apply for official recognition.

Event Date: 
Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
5989 Lake Street
Glen Arbor, MI 49636